Love from our customers

Nothing brings us more joy than seeing our customers smile. Here are some of the heartwarming messages and reviews from our customers.

  • Great margin builders! And all Quality!

    "I don’t think there is enough space to list All the reasons I love shopping with y’all! I have bought from Blooming Clovers since day 1!!! Michelle and Todd have become household names in our home! I talk about them as if we have been bestiesforever!!! I love to watch their lives, they compliment each other so well and make it fun! I love their clothing, and the prices are incredible!!! Great margin builders! And all Quality! They have made such a difference in my Boutique life and can’t imagine what I did before them! Just so thankful for all the time and attention they dedicate to us small businesses. I would highly recommend Blooming Clovers,they are a top rate Team!* this is the short version lol"

    Lisa B.

  • I order weekly!!

    "I order weekly!! Michelle ships fast, has all quality branded items, she explains how things fit, if there is a problem she will quickly fix it! She goes above and beyond with her customer serviceShe lets us use her pics which is nice for my lazy *ss"

    Britte R.

  • Prices are Amazing!!!

    "I now order 99% of my stuff from Blooming now because Michelle/Todd are amazing and the prices are amazing!!! She’s just the best in every single way!"

    Kayla S.

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