Our Story

Me to him, year 1: All of our kids started school, I want to follow my family's footsteps and start a side hustle doing pop ups
Him: Okay, do it!
Me to him, year 2: This little biz is taking off. I want to invest and create an online boutique.
Him: Okay, do it!
Me to him, year 3: Our boutique is growing so fast, I think you should leave your career and we should work together full time.
Him: Okay, I’ll do it!
Me to him, year 4: I love our boutique, but lately I feel this calling to help other women with their boutiques. I want to help them follow their dreams and build successful businesses.
Him: Okay, let’s do it!

We started our wholesale business with you in mind. With your small biz in mind. With your dreams in mind. We keep the runs small (just 1/1/1) so that you can use your budget wisely to bring your customers more styles. We keep styles under wholesale pricing so that you’ll have some great margin builders, to help you succeed. And we just created Collection Bundles! So that you can either sell them to your girls as a subscription service/surprise bundle/ or just release a cohesive collection all ready to go!
If we can play a little part in helping to provide you with beautiful, margin boosting styles then we've done our goal - for YOU to succeed and build your dream boutique. We look forward to working with you

XOXO Michelle and Todd